Wednesday, April 8, 2009

... tag ...

Ni i nak langsaikan soklan2 cepukmas Cik Puan Dee. Sis settle ek :D Fuh lega, panjang lebor wooo..

1. 3 names in your Inbox cellphone?
~ My precious Emerald

~ My laling SH
~ My SIL

2. Your main ringtone?
~ I'm yours - jason mraz

3. What u did at 12 last nite?
~ Lipat baju or iron baju ... salah satu..

4. Who was the last person u went out with? Where?
~ My laling makan kat Hainan Station after work semalam..

5. The color of the shirt you're wearing? Now?
~ Me pakai blouse warna cream

6. The last thing u did?
~ before buka blog nie, settle some keje

7. 3 of your everyday favorite items?
~ Meh kita nyanyi lagu 'these are a few of my fav. things" hehehehe ~ i ubah skit takpe kan :) not only things ... sbb me takde fav. things sgt pun.. me more to personal touch gitu :)

~ love my family
~ love my fwenz
~ love everything tat makes my life beautiful, meaningful and even dreadful ~ life lessons tu..

8. The color of your bedroom?
~ Lavendar, white tapi dah mula rasa cam nak tukar kaler lain..

9. How much money in your wallet now?
~ uish ribu riban rupiah tak leh expose hehehehe

10. How's life?
~ Getting better by the day and praying it'll be better day by day...

11. Your favourite song?
~ Destiny - Jim Brickman, Alive - J.Lo and byk lagi...

12. What will u do next weekend?
~ Not sure yet..lum buat any plans..

13. When was the last time you saw your mom?
~ Last saturday, masa bonda in KL..

14. Where is she now?

~ Di kampung halaman ku :D

15. When was the last time you talked to your parents?
~ Monday...

16. Who is the last person that texted u?
~ My precious emerald..

17. Where did you have your dinner last night?
~ Late lunch to be exact, right after opis, perut tak tahan lapo dah stop at Hainan Station.

18. The last surprise you got?
~ From my laling SH ~ surprise 'bandung'!

19. Last thing you borrowed from your friends?
~ Charger hp..dah return dah pun..

20. Who is ur bf/gf or husband/wife?
~ My laling SH aaaa

21. What do you feel now?
~ Peaceful, calm and slightly tired ~ baru lepas kemas opis :)

22. Wanna share with who?
~ Share what? tak phm soklan hehehehe kalo 'peace' tu share with the whole wide world lah..

23. Who knows your secret?
~ My laling SH

24. They keep your secret?
~ So far, alhamdulillah...

25. Are you angry with someone?
~ Nope..not yet kot hahahahahaha

26. What do you order at McD?
~ Value meals 1) 3 set double cheeseburger 2) 2 set nuggets 3) 2 porridges ~ utk family skali maaa

27. The last time you felt so sad?
~ tadi, masa baca n3 story pasal 'ibu mithali', stori dia touching sgt!

28. What is your wish for tomorrow?
~ To wake up and have a great day with my family, fwenz, colleagues and life will be much blessed and better than the day before :)

29. Wish to tag......

~ jeng jeng jeng ~ no one.....anda, anda dan anda terselamat :D


sWeEtdARLinG said...

sib baek.. lega!

Izan said...

tak selamt pun. i da kene tag tp tak wat lg. hahahahahhaha.

sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

mcm nk dtg musim tag dh kan.. scaryyy

arianna adrizal said...

"What do you order at McD?
~ Value meals 1) 3 set double cheeseburger 2) 2 set nuggets 3) 2 porridges ~ utk family skali maaa"

<---- hahahahhahaha! br nk kata, bnyknyeeee!! sekali ada pulak statement tambahan tu ek ;p

rasp said...

: heheheh ku sungguh memahami :D

: hahahaha mmg mengeliat skit kan kalo tag yg panjang2 nie :D

: i pun think so lah sis :)

: hahahaha wajib letak statement tu, kalo tak mau terkezut semua org i mkn byk tu sensorang :D

mummysyafie said...

sis, ringtone tu bluetooth sikit..hihihi...

masviona said...

sis, saya pun suka lagu destiny tuh gak....:)

Dee said...

bagus2..dh langsai utang..hopefully suma okey ye especially yg kt opis tu..i sidai kain u lipat or iron kain..oklah tu..kehkehkeh..

rasp said...

: boleh aje...zassss dpt? hehehe

: oooo same same ek kita :)

: sis, i kalo hangen jap je, dah gi sopping hilang 'panas' tu hehehe..gud team aaa kita, kalo dok serumah, hal kain2 dah settle hahahahaha :D

azreen said...

sis...i dah lama tak pekene McD.....sedih tau...sob-sob-sob

rasp said...

: sis, bila2 u balik sini, i blanja u McD k...